Mace Coronel

TESLA – “Model S”, Imagination in Motion.

I love this. Not because it is a great video / commercial, which it most certainly is, but because it was done by Ever Dream Pictures not as a commissioned piece but as a self promotion piece that has gone viral. Tesla tweeted about the 60 second spot, and it has been picked up a slew of automotive blogs world wide. This isn’t the first fan made spot for Tesla, but it certainly raises the bar.


The spot features high production value with a really nice story line, and it shows off the quality work that Ever Dream does. If you want to promote the quality work that you and your crew does, there is no better way than to choose a product like Tesla. The hot Tesla brand and loyal following alone is guaranteed to get your spot viewed, and hopefully that will convert into more commissioned work. I hope Tesla sees the value in this and gives every member of the crew a new Tesla of their own.