Magic Mirror

iPad Magic Mirror. The Possibility of Augmented Reality.

Straight out of the gate for iPad 2 is the new “Magic Mirror” Augmented Reality application that takes advantage of that front facing camera, and uses advanced facial tracking and user recognition features to give you the magic mirror experience.

This demo shows off the totally playful experience of this application, but what is really exciting are the possibilities that this kind of application presents for people promoting products.Think about being able to do things like try on virtual glasses, or clothing using the facial tracking software shown here. Using this kind of technology, the iPad will be able to determine your sex, age, ethnicity, or any number of specifics and then deliver a completely different content experience to you based on that visual data. I saw this and immediately thought about how it could extend and enhance an online shopping experience, or be applied to scientific applications as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of technology showing up rather quickly from an apparel manufacturer, or from an online retail giant like Amazon or Zappos.