I’m Gonna Put My Email in its Place with MAILBOX.


I have never had a problem with the email app for my iPhone. I think as far as mobile devices go, the way iOS handles email is pretty damn good. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. This is where Mailbox comes in. Finally a modern solution to a 30 year old way of sending information. That’s right email is 30 years old and pretty much functions the same way it did back then. Mailbox wants to improve on that, and I think they will.

Neutrabox not Mailbox.

For the last year I have been putting off buying a new mailbox for my house. I found a great modern looking one from a manufacturer in New Zealand that I still have book marked. I just can’t get past the long and kind of expensive shipping costs to get it to my home. Thankfully I found this today, and my upgrade delay might be coming to an end.

Neutra Box is a modern mailbox that can be mounted on a pole which suits my need perfectly. Each mailbox is individually hand-made utilizing new + unused portions of large sheets of galvanized metal and acrylic that are left-over scraps from large projects. This helps to reduce waste by using material that would otherwise go unused.

Knowing that each installation site is different, Neutra Box does not pre-drill the NB-1 mailbox. This allows you to customize your particular installation to fit your needs. The NB-1 mailbox can be mounted on a post, railing, or embedded in a wall system.

Oh and just incase anyone is wondering, yes I still get snail mail, and yes I want something that looks as good as my house does even if the box is out by the street.