Major League Baseball

Pennant for the iPad. Great Design and a Great User Experience.

I’m not a huge baseball fan, I haven’t been since the baseball strike a few years back. I have other issues with baseball too, my home town team sucks, it feels as though the teams are really set up so rich teams get all the good players at the expense of other teams sort of stacking the deck… I am however, a fan of good design, and good user experience design. This is why I have to say, I really like the iPad application “Pennant” from Vargaton.

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Whether you like baseball or not, you will enjoy going through the data visualizations that are presented here in a clean and easy to understand format.The application covers baseball history, games, players, and stats from the 1950’s to the present. As the developer puts it, “This is an interactive exploration of baseball data that allows users to quickly and accurately recreate and investigate the history of the annual race to be the best team in Major League Baseball.”

This application is simple, and elegant with stunning graphics that make baseball attractive to even the most un-interested sports fan. It features a limited color pallet with easy to read typography, and charts. The application flow is simple, seamless and easy to navigate making the overall user experience one that encourages exploration.

“Heineken Star Player”, Live iPhone Gaming Application.

Heineken has launched an iPhone multi-platform gaming application called “Heineken Star Player”. The game places you at the center of every UEFA championship game, where you take on your friends and the world by making game calls that build points and win you prizes. All of this is synced to the live game as it is being played out on TV in real-time.

Since the “Heineken Star Player” application syncs live with each UEFA game, each game is able to challenge you with decisions as they happen, like penalty kicks. will player X score and where top left? Center?The application takes advantage of the thinking that goes on as the game plays out, and puts your interaction with it in the palm of your hand. With approximately 86% of people who use mobile Internet, use their phones while watching TV, it’s easy to see the potential success of an application like this, and makes it a very powerful tool for the Heineken marketing machine.

Created by AKQA this application shows huge potential for other sporting events and games like AmericanFootball, NCAA Basketball, Major League Baseball, Hockey, NBA etc.
This kind of real-world digital integration could become a gold mine over the next year.