ManvsMachine “Versus” and The Making Of with Cinema 4D.

I am a huge fan of Cinema 4D, and it is pretty insane just how much the tool has grown with each new generation. I mean if you think about it, When Cinema 4D was released in 1993 for the Amiga it was a solid tool, but there is no way the software on an Amiga system could have produced anything like what is in the video below. Frankly, there were no real desktop tools that could have produced this, which just goes to show how far computer graphics have come, and how we take their power for granted most of the time. I have been working with graphic design, animation, and editing software for more than 20 years, and if someone had asked me to produce this back in 93 I would have laughed.

This video was created by ManvsMachine to showcase the new tools and functionality in Maxon’s latest release of Cinema4D. “Versus” is a CG short inspired by the dualities suggested in the studio’s own name. This is a visual stunner that not only features great CG animation, but some really solid sound design which helped inspire the video. If you have them, put on your headphones. If you don’t turn up the sound on your speakers. I’ve also include the making of video to show you how it was done.



4Seven’s M.C Escher Indents from ManvsMachine.

Here’s a little eye candy and inspiration for Friday. ManvsMachine created a cohesive on & off air package for new channel 4seven, that sits comfortably within the Channel4 family.

working alongside 4creative ManvsMachine created an on-screen identity which uses a distinctive corner wrap concept across the indents. There is a distinct style and visual signature that relates to Channel4 and ties in the 4Seven logo in a subtle but effective way. There is a nod to M.C Escher as the screen rotates from left to right and an uneasy balance is created. The visual set up uses custom camera techniques and CGI to create each of the scenes. The video below shows how the indents tie to the 4Seven promo screens for upcoming programing, and the current style guide.

guidelines-2 guidelines