Marloes Scheffers

Ikea 365 Web/TV Commercials.

This is really pretty astounding when you think about it. Ikea is producing 365 commercials with a new one being posted every day on the Ikea website over the course of the year. I don’t care if they batched these into groups and shot them all back to back, that is a ton of work. I love the idea of what Ikea is doing here. They have produced a series of commercials that drive customers back to the site, and introduce a new product every day of the year.

The idea was developed and produced by Lemz, where they created 365 unique “In Store” TV ads and then shot up to 15 a day in stages in order make sure they could stay ahead of the curve with editing and post production. Along with the ads being presented daily on the website, a number of the spots will also appear on TV throughout the year.

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Client: IKEA.
Creative director: Remco Marinus
Copywriter: Robin Stam, Monique Gerritsen.
Art-director: Luiz Risi, Daniel te Lindert, Wendy Deun, Sanne Leendertse, Marloes Scheffers, Cynthia Tiebosch.
Strategic planner: Joost van de Loo.
Production company: Cake.
Director: Albert-Jan van Rees, Paul Ruven.