Eight Tasty Summer Cocktails.

Sticking with my summer theme, and adding to the drink theme from earlier, here are 8 recipes for tasty summer time adult libations. Some simple, some sweet, some smooth. All very delicious.


So This is What I’m Drinking, hic…

I am a man who has been known to partake in an adult beverage or two, and I have to say I am a big fan of a refreshing cold libation. I think it is this steeped experience with alcoholic beverages that drew me to these images of various alcohols, and mixed drinks.

These images are made by crystallizing the liquid on a lab slide, then magnifying them up to 1000 times under a high power laboratory microscope. The photograph is made after the light passing through the glass slide is polarized. This polarization of the light creates the fantastic color spectrums seen in the image.

The images shown here are available via BevShots MicroArt. The prints run $19.99 and would be perfect for any psychedelic bar, or rec-room.

White Russian





Mint Julip