Max Würden

Mi Raccomando Suit Case Edition by Max Würden.

While on holiday in Italy musician Max Würden conceived an idea for a new electronica/ambient album that was based on field recordings and sessions with various instruments recorded over a three month period. The resulting album, entitled “Mi Raccomando”. Two versions of the album were released, one with limited edition packaging.

I have to admit I have always been a sucker for this kind of stuff. Out of all the CD’s and LP’s I collected over the years, the ones I have kept and not switched to pure digital formats are the ones with limited edition packaging.

The limited edition CD that Würden released is known as the Suit Case Edition. The packaging consists of a stable cardboard suitcase with a metal lock which holds a 7 track CD with a light scribe label. Included with the audio are 7 fine art photographs printed on crystal archive paper and mounted to acid free board. Each image corresponds to a track on the disc.

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Music: Max Würden
Photographs: Max Würden and Finna Leibenguth
Concept, Graphic Design and Image Editing: Finna Leibenguth

Max Würden

Finna Leibenguth