Adobe MAX 2011


So here we are, the first day of MAX 2011. I’m less than 24 hours from my speaking session, and with each dry run of my presentation I make more and more changes. Rearranging slides, editing text, trying to remember what I am going to say. One thing I know, filling an hour won’t be hard. I’m just hoping I don’t disappoint, and I manage to be mildly entertaining.

Today Adobe showed offa slew of touch based applications for tablets, including Photoshop which drops for Android mid November, and first of the year for iPad. Along with Photoshop they demo’d the latest version of Ideas, a vector based sketching tool that saves files in a format Illustrator understands. Kuler, a tablet version of their color development tool. And a cloud based file sharing service that goes live early next year.

Adobe is fully embracing the tablet revolution, and based on what I saw today the future looks good.