M&C Saatchi

“The flag of Flags”, Norwegian Airlines.

I love the simplicity of this ad for Norwegian Airlines by M&C Saatchi Stockholm. They have taken the Norwegian flag and outlined the flags of countries they fly to. Each flag is maked by a simple white outline and a destination name for that country and the cost of a flight there. Thailand, France, Finland, Poland and the Netherlands. The campaign is called “The flag of Flags” and plays to the Norwegian national pride for their flag. The print ad was featured in The Newspapers VG and Aftenposten over the holidays and during the New Years issue for each.



The Mojito, The Maestro, and the Musician.

M&C Saatchi has created a series of 3 advertisements for Havana Club Rum. The spots are running on TV, but the extended versions on youTube are where they really shine. Each spot taps into a storyline that is distinctive about Cuban culture and it’s relationship to the product. The tie in is handled so well. Subtle, not in your face with little or no mention of the actual product. Each spot has a really nice look to it capturing Cuba, and the people that live there. The story lines for all three are rock solid and the editing and post work is fantastic. It’s to bad no one is willing to pony up the money for an extended media buy for these. I guarantee people would watch the full minute and a half version on TV given the chance.