Media Cabinet

The Media Cabinet

photoA couple of weeks ago I started building out the media center for the new house. I basically took the Muro Media center from Design Within Reach and modified it to meet my needs and to save some money. (about $150.00 vs $650.00) Right off I want to say thanks to my friend Todd Berry for the use of his shop and all of his help in building out the cabinet. Good tools and experience make all the difference, and Todd has both.

Things are finishing up and I am hoping to have pics posted soon. The cabinet is finished, and painted. The glass shelves are in and I am just waiting on the actual mount for the flat panel TV to connect to the box. The design is really just a simple box painted to match the wall and become an invisible piece of furniture. Because the box is hollow, it hides all the cables and the media components and the TV appear to float off of the surface in lower light settings. I need to finish it by Wednesday so I should have pictures on the blog before the weekend.