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Starbucks Interactive Storefronts.

I have been a big fan of interactive window displays for some time now. When they are placed in the right location with a proper amount of foot traffic the results can be really positive. So I am sure that this new campaign for the Starbucks rewards program being tested in Toronto and Vancouver will be a hit. Both cities have good urban density with high volumes of foot traffic. Conditions that are ideal for interactive storefronts and interactive widow displays.

The interactive windows provide a touch screen experience that is built around the the Starbucks Stars. When the stars are touched various deals and rewards are surfaced to promote the new rewards program, and hopefully drive traffic into the store itself. The interactive window provides communication about the program, and also extends brand reach by using the stars from the famous logo to help reinforce the brand.

By the look of the video, the interaction is pretty much single sided, and really functions as high tech advertising. This isn’t bad, but I do think that BBDO could have pushed this with a smartphone application that interacts with the signage, or provides immediate rewards. I’m also surprised that there isn’t a direct hook into social networking applications like Foursquare, Facebook, or Twitter.

None the less it is a really piece by BBDO Toronto, Blast Radius and The Media Merchants.