Memorial Day

Fireworks in Danang.

Every Memorial Day weekend, Kansas City kicks off the unofficial start of summer with a massive fireworks display at Liberty Memorial. This year is no different. The show starts around 9:45, weather permitting. I never take photos, or shoot video of the show. Fireworks can be one of the toughest things to shoot, and I don’t have the patience for it. For the people that do, the results can be pretty outstanding. Rob Whitworth is a photographer that knows how to shoot fireworks. The video below is from the 2013 international Fireworks competition in Danang. Whitworth blends still images, time-lapse, tilt-shift, and zoom techniques to showcase the event in a 2 minute short video.I hope the event tonight in Kansas City, looks this good. Hmmmm, maybe I should bring my camera to the event after all.

Danang International Fireworks Competition 2013 from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.


A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver. Allan McNish, on Driving Le Mans.

This being Memorial Day weekend, there are a few traditions that happen every year. The Indianapolis 500 is run, and people all over America bar-b-que and hang with family. This is for all the racing fans out there. If you watch the Indy 500, I know you will appreciate this video for that is currently at the Audi Channel on YouTube.

Audi has created a new  video titled “A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver”. It has a really nice stylized look and combines video, animation, motion graphics, and CGI work to create a great 3 minute story that encapsulates what driving Le Mans is like. Audi’s video shows Audi Team Joest driver Allan McNish talking about the hundreds of people and hundreds of hours that go into planning for the 24 Hours at Le Mans race.

As I meantioned earlier the video currently lives at Audi’s YouTube channel but will be broadcast to the world on May 28 during Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final soccer game.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans takes place June 11-12 at Circuit de la Sarthe in France.