Micro 4/3

Santa Fe, OMD, Autostitch, Big Sky.

Part of the great thing about being on vacation is getting to see things you haven’t seen before. I’ve been to Santa Fe before, but photographically I’m getting to see it through a new lens. This image is from Fort Marcy looking east. It was shot on the amazing Olympus OMD EM-5 with the Olympus 17mm lens. 3 images that were shot, then stitched together with the Autostitch app to create the panorama.


Beating the Heat With the OMD EM-5 Inside

The more I use the OMD EM-5, the more I love it. Since this summer has been hotter and drier than any one I can remember, I have been looking for opportunities to use the camera inside. Tonight when Kristy came home with a vase of fresh sunflowers, I jumped on it. All the images were shot aperture priority with the Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens wide open to get razor thin depth of field and killer bokeh when I could.