Got my Photojojo Workin’.

First off, Merry Christmas everyone! I don’t want you to think I am not filled with the Christmas spirit, It’s just that I am all amped about this crazy new lens I got for my EP for Christmas. The Lo-fi Micro 4/3 Camera Lens from Photojojo.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, although there really isn’t much to figure out, so I guess I should just say I’m experimenting at this point. The lens is a 25mm f1.4 lens that is 100% manual. It has razor thin depth of field and produces some crazy vignetting at the edges as you mess with the aperture. The depth of field can be so shallow, in the shots of the Christmas tree, the distance between the out of focus ornament, and the in focus elements is less than an inch. I have a feeling this is going to be fun.

5 or 6 Items from my Photojojo Wish List.

While the masses hit the stores for Black Friday bargains, I decided to start putting together a Christmas wish list from the comfort of my home. Why go to the store, when the store can come to you I say.

One of the things I want for Christmas this year is the Olympus EP3. Since I already have an older EP, and a variety of lenses and accessories, I want to upgrade to the EP3 so I can take advantage of faster auto focus, better image stabilization, more art filters, and cool retro styling. So far I have only seen the EP3 sold with a lens kit. I just want the camera body so that is a second part to this wish list item.

Since I am asking Santa for a new Olympus camera, I figured I should head over to the photojojo website and look for some additional items to use with my micro 4/3 Olympus gear. It only makes sense to buy a really solid digital camera, and then get some accessories to degrade my images with a distinct lo-fi flare. The wish list below fulfills just that and has a couple of useful items too.

First up the “Lo-fi Micro 4/3 camera lens“. For $90.00 this lens will give me manual focus, vignetting, a tilt shift look, soft bokeh, vignetting, lens flares, low contrast, and crazy shallow depth of field.

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Since I am going for the lo-fi look this holiday season, why not take it one step further and add the 4/3 pinhole lens to my arsenal of analog looks. The “Pinwide Micro 4/3 Pinhole Lens” With this lens I’ll get shots where everything from a blade of grass in the foreground to the trees in the distance are in focus. This lens will give me natural vignetting, grainy film-like images, and amazing lens flares.

Now that I’ll be shooting with these lo-fi lenses I better think about some things to help me keep my camera level, safe, and steady. Things like the “Level Camera Cube” a $15.00 3 way level that mounts on the camera hot shoe. I know that I can turn a grid on in my digital viewfinder but since I am shooting with lo-fi analog looking lenses, I might as well go old school on keeping my camera level and straight.

One of the things that I love about the EP series is the size. I get DSLR quality shots, interchangeable lenses, and a camera body that is small and compact. With that I don’t always like the idea of using a full size camera strap. In fact I really like the idea of having a short strap that keeps my camera safe and doesn’t get in the way. That is where the “Handy Dandy Hand Strap” comes in. This $40.00 bit of leather mounts to your camera body and then adds a full tripod mount connector to the bottom of your camera for those moment you need to quickly lock the camera down on a set of 3 stable legs.

Speaking of locking your camera down, nothing says old school like a wooden tripod. Now I personally wouldn’t want to haul this thing around. I’d take a nice aluminum, or carbon fiber tripod any day of the week, but since I am talking it up about making my digital camera gear all retro and lo-fi, I have to mention the “Expedition Wooden Tripod“. At $290.00 this is not for faint of heart. This is the tripod for the photographer that needs to make a bold statement. It does look gorgeous though, and if I had a need to display a camera on a finely crafted piece of hardware this would be my choice.

So Santa, this is my first wish list. If yo bring me this wonderful stuff from photojojo, I’ll snap a few pics of you and your reindeer for your 2011 Christmas scrapbook.