Mid Century Modern

Life in the Burbs at 1150 Canyon Road.

Art&Graft Studio Film® has released the third in a series of animated short films 1150 Canyon Road is a story about plans gone wrong featuring some wonderfully stylized animation that blends 3D and 2D looks. The short is an exercise in storytelling and visual style with minimal graphics and solid voice over work anchoring it. I love how this is a single shot with the camera tracking back from a tightly cropped shot to a wide shot of the unfolding scene. Great stuff.

There is more information and style frames over at the Art&Graft website.

Created & Produced by Art&Graft

Music & Sound Design: Brains & Hunch

Voice Over Artists: Ed Gaughan & Gemma Saunders

Oh So Soglio.

A new house means new rooms, and new rooms means some new furniture. One of the things I have been looking for is a new coffee table. Something with a mid-century modern feel but updated. Today while trolling the internet I came across this stunning piece of design from Fioroni Design. Soglio is a sculptural work of art that seems to hover above the floor. This low slung solid wood beauty is simply wonderful. The illusion of lightness is enhanced by the thin line of the top and the fact that the base is hidden below the sight lines from the edge. The frame is a solid steel rod available in 3 colors to help hide or enhance it’s presence. The 61 by 51 inch top is available in solid walnut or ash. I love it, now I just have to figure out how I can afford it.

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Havana Lamps.

Jonathan Adler has a knack for creating designs that feel fresh, yet are heavily rooted in classic mid-century modern aesthetics. The Havana lamp is no exception to the rule. When I first saw this I thought about the pendant lamps, and table top lamps that my parents had in our house growing up in the 60’s. Our lamps were 1960’s avocado green with white interiors, but the basic shape and stands were very similar. Adler has taken that classic mid century design and updated it with modern materials, and a laser cut pattern to give these lamps a fresh yet familiar look for manufacturer Robert Abbey. One of the things that is so appealing to me about this series of lamps is the feeling of familiarity, combined with materials that give it a fresh new look.







3 Dot’s Pot.Purri.

Currently on display at Milan Design Week is a new collection from 3 Dots Collective. “Pot.Purri” is a collection of small modular containers that can be mixed and matched to create variations on lamps and tableware. The series is made up of a few basic metal and concrete parts that when combined can create more than 50 unique objects.


Inspired by the ambition of cutting the distance between design and materials, plus the concept of fluctuating shapes, 3 Dot’s concept is rooted in modularity and customization. This approach allows the owner s a flexible solution that offers the ability to upgrade and change the function and design as needed.

The series features a wonderful mid-century modern aesthetic, blending minimalist concrete shapes, with intricate woven metal textures, and a sublime color pallet.


The For Us project allows the owner to mix and match shapes, materials and colors as needed. 3 Dot shaped the concept based on modular elements, with different dimensions and diameters that can be mutually paired and combined consequently, providing unlimited possibilities.