Mike Basilico

You Owe Mercedes-Benz A Lot For That Beer You Are Drinking.

Update: Thanks Steve Savalle for commenting and setting the record straight on the story developers Fraser Davidson, and Tiny Toy Car. It’s great work from all of you.

 has uploaded a fun little spot for Tiny Toy Car outlining the history of the van, and how it all started as a rivallery between Daimler and Benz. Savalle came up with the basic story telling idea that was then fleshed out by Fraser Davidson, Steve Savalle, Mike Basilico, and Chris Naglik at Cub Studio, and Pluto. The clip takes a light hearted, fun approach to the history of the subject starting in the late 1800’s and rolling forward to today. I love how they tie it all to beer hauling horses, and a better solution to getting that beer across town. The spot takes a  stylistic approach to the animation  with a solid nod to a flatter design aesthetic yet still maintaining atmospheric depth and fresh look that really works. Since October is just a day away, and October means October Fest, next time you lift a beer give a toast to Daimler Benz.

Design: Fraser Davidson, Steve Savalle, Mike Basilico, and Chris Naglik
Animation: Steve Savalle, Mike Basilico, Fraser Davidson
Audio: Pluto