Mixed Breed Dog

I’M 8.

Today marks the 8th birthday of my dog Cosmo. Every year on his birthday I post a little birthday tribute for said pooch in honor of him adding another dog year to his life, and giving me another year of happiness and companionship. So Cosmo, here’s to you. Happy Birthday. I raise a Jerky Treat in your honor. Using the Pedigree Dog Age Calculator, Cosmo is 48ish in human years for his breed and size.


Cosmo Turns Five. The Dog, Not the Magazine.

One of the advantages of being the only author of a non commercial blog is that I can post pretty much what ever I want, and it won’t get edited or pulled. That means I get to do things like wish my dog Cosmo a “Happy Birthday” and subject everyone, including him to it. Happy Birthday Cosmo, you turned 5 today or approximately 37 in human years. I think you are old enough to get a job and start paying rent you lazy bum.