Mixed Media

Japan Society, “Garden of Unearthly Delights”.

If I were in New York, or going any time soon, I’d be heading to the JApan SOciety gallery for the fall exhibit which runs from Friday, October 10 through Sunday, January 11. From the video below, this looks pretty damn cool with a blend of traditional and emerging mediums. The narrator does an excelent job of summarizing the show, the artists, and the background of this group exhibition. Now I just have to figure out how I can squeeze in a trip to New York before the show closes in January.

A monster tsunami uproots a city. Modern tough guys lock samurai-style in battle. Candy-colored streams of animals and flowers hyperpixilate. These dramatic visual moments are among many to be encountered this fall in our new exhibition Garden of Unearthly Delights. The featured artists Manabu Ikeda (b. 1973, Saga Prefecture), Hisashi Tenmyouya (b. 1966, Tokyo) and the art and technology collective teamLab (est. 2001) are today’s takumi, or master artisans, taking pride in the execution of dense and precisely detailed works requiring time and contemplation to grasp. Their creative imaginations travel through time, finding inspiration in a range of styles; from medieval Buddhist paintings to contemporary anime and manga. Come stroll through their fantastical visions.


Thrash Lab Presents Light Painting Artist: Darren Pearson.

If you haven’t heard of Thrash Lab, it is a YouTube project produced in part by Ashton Kutcher. If you get a chance, click through to the YouTube page and spend some time watching these short films. They are well shot, well edited, compelling stories that explores cultural trends and encourages creativity. A great example of what Kutcher and his crew are doing is the video below of artist Darren Pearson. Pearson is a mixed media artist that combines, photography and light painting to create his images. Take the two and a half minutes to give it a watch, and then check out some of the other videos that Thrash Lab has produced.