Mobile Design

Adobe’s Edge Tool Set in Five Minutes.

If you are a web designer or developer. If you make interactive content for websites, mobile and tablet based applications, you should familiarize yourself with Adobe’s Edge Tools and Services.

If you don’t know about them watch the short five minute video below, then go over to the Adobe site and dig a little deeper. With each release these tools get better, easier to use, and the quality of what they output improves.

Adobe has a major stake with this tools set, and I guarantee that if you do this kind of work, you’ll probably be using these in the near future in some capacity.

iOS App Designer Guide.

So you want to make apps for the iPhone and iPad. Well here is a handy infographic from the folks at Lemon Labs to help you navigate tricky design issues like screen size, resolution, the rules of button states and icon sizes. It doesn’t cover everything, but it is a pretty good quick reference guide for basic iOS design issues.