Mobile Phone

Clean Your Mobile With, “PhoneSoap”

Your cell phone, you know that thing that is always glued to the side of your head, that thing you are always touching and playing with, your mobile, is a filthy bacteria covered breading ground for disease. Sorry folks, it’s true. Your mobile communication devices are dirtier than toilet seats for the most part. Now before you drop your phone in favor of a tin can with string, there is hope.

Over on Kickstarter, there is a new product idea appropriately named “PhoneSoap“. PhoneSoap is a small box that simultaneously charges your mobile device and sanitizes it at the same time using UV-C light. UV-C light is electromagnetic radiation that’s used in hospitals and clean rooms around the world. This short wavelength of light penetrates the cell wall of the bacteria and disrupts its DNA, effectively killing it.

The product has a really well designed form factor, and looks promising. Since your phone is covered in staph, E. Coli, and MRSA, PhoneSoap seems like something we should all be backing.

iAds for Android.

I think this is rather ironic. 2359 Media created an HTML 5 based iAd for the HTC Desire S to run on the iPad. OK, why is this ironic? Because the HTC Desire S runs Android, Apple’s biggest mobile OS competitor.

The iAd itself is well done and quite engaging, with full interactivity and animations that take advantage of iOS’s gestures, but it’s still an iAd for iOS, advertising an Android device. This just cracks me up. The iAd, which launches from a banner ad has a clean look that even feels like the minimalist Apple aesthetic. Was the ad a success? Apparently so. 2359 Media says on their website that users spent up to 500% more time on the site exploring the features of the HTC phone thanks to the rich touch-based interactions, animations, videos, and slick images, compared to other non-rich media ads.

3LiveShop, A New Kind of Online Shopping Experience.

It takes a lot to get me to say this is has the potential to reshape an entire industry, or our behavior and experience with a particular service. I have a feeling that 3Live is going to be one of those game changing pieces of technology. One of those things that in a few years we look back and try to remember what it was like without it. Not everyone is going to like 3Live, or for that matter even use it. None the less, this could be a real game changer in the online shopping business.

The 3LiveShop blends a seamless service and sales experience by using the camera on your computer or smartphone to interact with a living person in real-time. What this does is essentially deliver the bricks and mortar stores customer interaction benefits to pretty much anyone, anywhere, online.

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What makes 3Live so different from what most of us currently experience (integrated chat application, or the occasional streaming webcam) is that 3Live is real, its seamless, and it is like having a personal concierge to the website while you browse a virtual brochure of products. If you watch the video, you will see how the multi-touch sales agent screen works, with a screen projected from underneath, onto a mirror that in turn is highlighted onto a glass panel with clearly marked navigation and interaction areas. This helps to create a more natural experience for the sales person, and allows them to have better and more meaningful interaction with the person on the other end. With the 3Live experience, the sales person isn’t just dragging, scaling and adjusting the auto-populated content as they take each customer down a thousands of user paths of online shopping. This way they can have multiple options on each screen so customers can clearly see the difference between products and services.

One of the largest benefits of the 3LiveShop is that the system helps take all of the thinking out of the process for the sales staff. The 3Live system helps provide them with the most relevant option at any given time, which allows the customer to be better informed about options.

There are probably a thousand reasons some of you will hate this, and there are somethings that big me as well. At the end of the day though, I could see this kind of system becoming more ubiquitous in our online shopping experiences. Especially as bandwidth becomes faster, and internet connected cameras become more prevalent world-wide. Hmmmm this brings up an interesting point. If you are connected to a person in realtime, helping you with your transaction, how will all the call and fulfillment centers overseas make out? Faking an accent is easy, faking a person not so much.

Best Buy, You, and Mobile.

At the recent Retail Innovation and Marketing Conference, Tracy Benson from Best Buy had participants perform an interesting exercise. She asked members of the audience to exchange their mobile phone with the person sitting next to them, and then she asked the audience to exchange them again. After quite  bit of hesitation the audience obliged and members of the crowd found themselves holding a different mobile phone.

The purpose of the exercise was to point out to people in the audience the overwhelming importance of mobile technology, and how it is becoming the most important brand/product touch point for many companies these days. A thought that wasn’t really possibly as little as ten years ago. What is important is the fact that the world is converging, and devices like your phone, your TV, and possibly your iPad or other tablet computer will become more and more important to your brand image and marketing strategy  as this decade moves forward.

The link below is to a video on YouTube that Benson show cased at the conference. It is a presentation about the value of mobile – not only on Best Buy’s employees, but also on the company. Some of the more interesting points made by Best Buy employees for me are when you hear individuals talking about having a browser on your TV, or the entire Best Buy catalog in an augmented reality mobile application that extends the shopping experience for the customer. Like Macy’s iPhone application, Best Buy is pushing the boundaries of what mobile can do, by directing targeted information to your phone based on your physical location and shopping habits.

I love this stuff. It opens the doors to a whole new world of interactive design   possibilities, and the best part is, it makes for a better experience for you the customer/end-user.

The video  link below is about 4 minutes long but worth watching