modern house shelf

Modern House Shelves.

Probably impractical as a useable shelf, still totally fun and something I kind of want. The brain child of artist Judson Beaumont of Straightline Designs, House Shelves is a series of wall-mounted shelves inspired by the modern residential architecture found in Palm Springs. Beaumont is planning additional designs based on warehouses, grain elevators and other architectural icons, but these have me sold. Now I just need to collect a series of Vitra miniature furniture pieces to go with these.

“from the eyes of a furniture designer. Each shelf is made from recycled materials including scrap wood from the shop, recycled plastic laminate and cork. They have been built with the intent of using left over materials from other jobs. The Walled Estates are designed to hold items that don’t necessarily have a home – such as keys, glasses and mail. Alongside ordinary household items, miniature furniture pieces are also displayed. Acting as doll houses for grownups, this combination creates for a playful and whimsical sense of scale.”