Oh So Soglio.

A new house means new rooms, and new rooms means some new furniture. One of the things I have been looking for is a new coffee table. Something with a mid-century modern feel but updated. Today while trolling the internet I came across this stunning piece of design from Fioroni Design. Soglio is a sculptural work of art that seems to hover above the floor. This low slung solid wood beauty is simply wonderful. The illusion of lightness is enhanced by the thin line of the top and the fact that the base is hidden below the sight lines from the edge. The frame is a solid steel rod available in 3 colors to help hide or enhance it’s presence. The 61 by 51 inch top is available in solid walnut or ash. I love it, now I just have to figure out how I can afford it.

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Mid Century Magic. The Foster Carling House, built by John Lautner.

If I had a cool 3 million lying around and were in the market for an iconic Mid-Century home in LA, I’d probably go for The Foster Carling House, built by John Lautner (1947-1950). This is really a stunning piece of architecture by a true genius, and one of his most significant works.

The house is located  on a hillside above Mulholland drive with views of downtown Los Angeles. It is this house residence that brought Lautner together with yacht builder John de la Vaux, a partnership that lasted for 7 more projects.

The 2000 square foot house includes many innovative design elements that Lautner would continue to use throughout his career. There is a pool that flows from the exterior into the living room. The pool is separated by a retracting wall of glass. Lautner installed electronic controls that move both the glass wall and an entire living room section and built-in sofa, allowing it to swing out into the yard and face the downtown skyline, merging interior and exterior spaces.

If you want to see and or buy this, click here.

Design Friday, Heath Ceramics.

Simple. Good. Designed to last a lifetime. That’s three ways to describe the products of Sausalito-based Heath Ceramics, the pottery founded in 1948 by Edith Heath, but “beautiful” is usually the first word that comes to mind. Heath Ceramics is one of the few remaining mid-century American potteries still in existence today. Heath has been making ceramic tableware and tile for over a half-century in their Sausalito, California factory. The crew of 60 skilled artisans, many which have been there for over 20 years make every product on the premises. Heath often utilizes the methods and techniques pioneered and developed by the company founder Edith Heath, from throughout her life.

Edith Heath (1911-2005) founded Heath Ceramics in 1948 following her one-woman show at San Francisco’s Palace of the Legion of Honor. Her pieces were picked up for sale at Gump’s department store in San Francisco and the demand for her beautiful ceramic tableware and vases launched the now iconic company. For more than 50 years, Edith’s life was dedicated to the craft of ceramics and the skill of the artisan. Her passion, along with the legacy of her work in stoneware clay body and glaze development, has given Heath its unique place in contemporary ceramics today.

I thought I would talk about Heath today, since I received an  email this morning showing the 2009 limited edition 3 Bud Vase Set. All vases are glazed with a light coat of Ruby Red inside. the pieces are striking grouped together or separately the geometric forms playing together to create unique plays of positive and negative space. The new vase collection was inspired by the original Heath budvase designed by Edith in the mid 1950s with refined, contemporary lines.. The latest product from Heath is clay vase collection, in Suede Red/ Ruby Red and Ruby Red/ Cocoa glazes, and as always, the quality of the design work is outstanding. Heath as always manages to achieve a look that can not easily be duplicated by others. From the sophisticated color pallet, to the timeless shapes and patterns that are used in every product line to Homeware products and   tile Heath Ceramics hits a home run every time.

Heath has always taken a holistic approach to their design process and it shows with distinctive and expressive forms that are evident in every line. Simple geometry, solid forms, rich deep glazes and textures, weight and quality in production. Whether you are looking at a vintage piece from the mid 50’s or a piece from the current collection, the effect is the same. Timeless, good design.

For the last 6 years Heath has been owned by Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey who purchased the company with a mission to revitalize the brand by placing a strong emphasis on design, handcrafted techniques, and by reinvigorating the company’s designer-maker history. In 2009 Heath was a finalist for Corporate Achievement in the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards, and Heath is represented in the permanent collections of museums, such as the MOMA and LACMA.

4 cup and plate set