Modular Design

3 Dot’s Pot.Purri.

Currently on display at Milan Design Week is a new collection from 3 Dots Collective. “Pot.Purri” is a collection of small modular containers that can be mixed and matched to create variations on lamps and tableware. The series is made up of a few basic metal and concrete parts that when combined can create more than 50 unique objects.


Inspired by the ambition of cutting the distance between design and materials, plus the concept of fluctuating shapes, 3 Dot’s concept is rooted in modularity and customization. This approach allows the owner s a flexible solution that offers the ability to upgrade and change the function and design as needed.

The series features a wonderful mid-century modern aesthetic, blending minimalist concrete shapes, with intricate woven metal textures, and a sublime color pallet.


The For Us project allows the owner to mix and match shapes, materials and colors as needed. 3 Dot shaped the concept based on modular elements, with different dimensions and diameters that can be mutually paired and combined consequently, providing unlimited possibilities.










Superfront Dressing up Ikea Cabinets.

I am actually surprised that no one else has done this yet. Swedish firm, Superfront  has hitched their wagon to a solid, simple idea – Lets enhance Ikea storage modules. Superfront designs and manufactures new faces, tops, legs and handles for Ikea Kitchen, bath and bedroom storage modules. They offer you an opportunity to enhance, improve and dress up your current Ikea stuff. This is a great idea, and something that can extend the life of, or breath new life into your investment extending its life.

Everything is made to order by Superfront in Sweden. Then items are shipped directly to the customer. They currently have a showroom for design inspiration in Stockholm, but all sales take place through Superfront’s online store. In addition to the physical showroom, there is additional inspiration via Facebook and Instagram where Superfront has uploaded  beautiful lifestyle images and visual feedback from the customers.

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The Sum of It’s Parts. All-of-a-Piece.

“All-of-a-Piece” is a series of  modular tabletop elements comprising a flat tray, a shallow bowl, a candleholder and an endcap. The sections are made from just two materials, wood and marble. they are held together with magnets so the sections can be interchanged and reconfigured depending on the need. The fifth section of the series is a light that can be inserted between modules adding both utilitarian function and atmosphere. All of a Piece is a design collaboration between Earnest Studio and Dana Cannam Design. For more information or to place an order, visit the ‘All of a Piece’ website. For a quick look at how it works, watch the video below.