Modwalls Veridian Blend Orchard.

About 4 months ago we purchased the tile for the bathroom remodel, but before it was delivered the store switched ownership and our order was lost forever. The tile never got delivered, and what we chose is now out of stock. For the last two and a half months we have been working with our credit card company to get the bill credited back and things straightened out. Just as it looks like we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel on that issue, ran a sale on Modwalls tiles over the weekend and we scored.

I purchased more than enough of the Modwalls Veridian Blend Orchard, to do the bath enclosure floor to ceiling.The tiles are made from 98% recycled glass that is reclaimed from buildings as well as manufacturing pieces from windows and windshields. This gives the tile a soft iridescent sheen and allows the color to shimmer as light hit hits it.The color pallet and look of the tile is inspired by mid century and modern architecture and interior design and can be used both indoors and out. This pattern and color break down works well with what we already have going through out the house, as well as the new brushed nickle hardware and Lacava medicine cabinet.