The Glass Pavilion, by Steve Hermann.

If I win the lottery in the next few days I’ll be moving to Montecito, California. Why? Because Architect Steve Hermann, designed and built this stunning glass pavilion, and it is up for immediate sale.

A minimalist concrete pavilion that combines with expansive glazingĀ  that separates interior and exterior sections. The extensive use of floor to ceiling allows inhabitants to enjoy the beautiful views of the exterior lawns. This beautiful modern home seamlessly blends interior and exterior spaces to create a relaxing house in tune with its natural surroundings.

If you want to buy this home, before I win the lottery, you can get information about it here.

By the way notice the automobiles parked in the garage. They don’t come with the house, but I think they give us an estimate on where the price point might fall. And incase you can’t make out what they are in picture number 3, they are a classic 1950’s Gull Wing Mercedes, and 2 Ferraris. (if you are impatient just scroll to the last image for a better shot of them.)