Motion Design

Benson Script. Classy, Charming, Industrial.

I found font love this morning. I was looking for a modern script that would have good readability in a video/motion design project I am working on, and I found Benson Script, designed by Kyle Wayne Benson. Available in 2 styles, six weights, and 3 contrast levels, Benson provides solid readability at all point sizes, and the informal quality will make it easy to animate.


I love that this font has a hand lettering quality to it while remaining clean crisp and legible, which is a must for something that will be moving and only be delivered on screen.


“Modernism’s desire to fit all elements within geometric constraints and adhere to strong verticals has spread throughout type design, but has had little to do with the frills and ornaments of script. Cutting a script down to its bare bones has is an offensive idea to many—almost seeming insulting to its genre. Benson Script bridges that genre gap between frill and function. As a matter of genre Benson Script errs on the side of modernism, and adds flair as a last resort.”

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So You Think You Know What Brings a Brand to Life?

Just because you added brand development, branding, brand creation, brand management, to your skills section of LinkedIn doesn’t mean you do. You might have helped a team, attended a few meetings, or been lightly involved in some brand initiative  but being an expert at branding is a very complex skill, because branding in an extremely complex thing.

For his thesis project at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, motion and graphic designer Henning Herholz has created a six-minute essay that is a thorough and well executed overview of what branding is. He makes a very thoughtful point on why motion design is such a powerful tool in making a brand successful. Even if you think you are an expert on branding, this is worth watching because of the way it explains things in a clear concise way. After you finish the six minute short, you can feel better about your LinkedIn skills claims about branding.

Monochrome Motion Glory. “Coco – Inside Chanel”.

Brilliant motion graphics and design work for Chanel. This is a quick history of Coco Chanel for the Inside Chanel online project. The animated short has no credit roll but Creative Review suspects that illustrator  Lorenzo Petrantoni was probably involved and I can see that. This is a video that almost begs for repeat viewing so you can catch anything you might have missed. What great timing and pacing throughout the entire black and white piece.

Take a Day to Remember 9/11.

BBDO NY and Brand New School have created an online series for  The National September 11 Memorial & Museum that features voiceover work by Robert De Niro and a very simple graphical animation that reflects the World Trade Center’s architecture, and is complimented by minimal typography. The visuals while simple are very powerful when combined with the voice over message.  The call to action is simple and discrete, not overpowering the significance of the day and what happened 12 years ago.

Mike Brookes Keynote for Designers.

The video below from  was inspired by the animated short that was featured at Apple’s World Wide Developer conference last month. If you are a designer, working in any field, this is worth watching. If you have seen the Apple Keynote animation it might feel a bit familiar, but the message rings true to anyone working in a creative field.

The Experience Journey.

This is a wonderful little piece of animation and 3D work for Jack Morton Consumer Marketing. The short film explains why human experience has now become the heart of social currency. It shows why brand experiences are fundamental to creating lasting connections between people and brands. The message is spot on, and the supporting visuals make the spot. Really nice design, motion graphics, CG, color pallets and more.

The ABC’s of Architecture.

This is just fabulous. What a great little animation about architecture, that runs from A to Z. (Alvar AAlto to Zaha Hadid) Great illustration, timing, animation, and color. Love it. Massive hat tip to Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez. Thanks to for posting to Vimeo.

Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez
Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez
Music: The Butterfly from Eugene C.Rose and George Ruble,