Motion Design

Bang Bang. Motion Design meets Dance.

This is a fun way to start your week. A nice little student piece from Savannah College of Art and Design student Chelsea Jones. It combines dance, animation, post production, and most of all flawless timing to execute. There are two videos below. The first is the finished piece, the second is the making of. Chelsea doesn’t say how long she practiced until she got the timing perfect, but I have a feeling it was quite a while. The final result was worth all the effort.


Honda’s New Ad For The Civic Tourer Is Worth a Look.

Most car ads, like beer ads get lost in a sea of white noise. Each ad points out pretty much the same thing, in typical fashion with out much originality or creativity. I think that is why this new spot for Honda really sticks out. It is a clever and creative approach to your typical car ad. It’s fun, inventive, holds your attention, and most of all leaves the brand name imprinted in your mind long after it has stopped. Blending some great CGI work with live action and killer sound design, Honda has launched a winner with this ad for the new Civic Tourer. Both the finished piece and the making of video are below.

Pause Fest ID 2014, and The Making Of.

in two days Pause Fest kicks off in Melbourne Australia.The festival is focused on interactive, motion, art, music and design running for 3 days and nights. I wish I was going so I could escape the insanely cold weather here in the midwest, but alas I am not. That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a bit of the Pause Fest magic as showcased in the animation below.

 had the privilege of creating the indent for this year’s Pause Fest. Working with a number of designers and animators  landed on the idea of combining communication devices from different eras that would be mixed through various scenes and situations. The result is pretty nice with great flow, and timing. Now if you have ever wondered just how complex something like this can be, watch the second video below from   which shows the making of just one small sequence in the completed animation.

Benson Script. Classy, Charming, Industrial.

I found font love this morning. I was looking for a modern script that would have good readability in a video/motion design project I am working on, and I found Benson Script, designed by Kyle Wayne Benson. Available in 2 styles, six weights, and 3 contrast levels, Benson provides solid readability at all point sizes, and the informal quality will make it easy to animate.


I love that this font has a hand lettering quality to it while remaining clean crisp and legible, which is a must for something that will be moving and only be delivered on screen.


“Modernism’s desire to fit all elements within geometric constraints and adhere to strong verticals has spread throughout type design, but has had little to do with the frills and ornaments of script. Cutting a script down to its bare bones has is an offensive idea to many—almost seeming insulting to its genre. Benson Script bridges that genre gap between frill and function. As a matter of genre Benson Script errs on the side of modernism, and adds flair as a last resort.”

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