Motion Graphics

Smart Diseños Flying to Beyond.

Here is a fun way to pass some time on a Wednesday afternoon. The video below is a new indent from Smart Diseños directed by Guilherme Lepca. The animated short features archival footage from NASA, a LoFi soundtrack of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon, just the right amount of effects to keep it interesting and not boring, and  concept that shows off their love for science, education, and art. 

Music Blocks.

Kinetic Type animations are one of those things that just keeping popping back into play on the old TV set. Just about the time you think it’s died and gone away, here comes another regional ad but with a kinetic type template bought on Video Hive and repurposed. One spot though that has been making the rounds is for CMT Music from Superestudio. I like it because the crew that put it together pushed the style to a higher level. They introduce animated grids and blocks that frame the type as well as the video subject matter, instead of the typical flipping and rotating text timed to a voice over. The whole look is spot on with a bold color pallet, nice visuals, solid editing, and great timing. Next time someone asks you to create a piece and they show you a typical kinetic type spot, point them to this and tell them you’d like to try something that looks a little different.

A Little Research Leads to a Little Inspiration.

One of the things my job requires is looking for inspiration, and doing research on styles, and trends, in graphic design, animation, illustration and motion graphics. A long time ago, a college professor told me, “If you stop looking, you stop seeing, and your work suffers.” He was referring to research, and looking for inspiration, and he was right. If you don’t spend time checking out what others are doing you stop learning, and your work becomes dated and stale. So, I was cruising through a number of sites this morning when I came across this piece on Vimeo that has a really nice look to it. Illustrated and animated by  . His two minute short for the “Alberta Family Wellness Initiative” knocked my socks off. It has a great style and approach, with nice timing, transitions, and a solid look that will hold up for quite some time. The portraits toward the end were produced by Felix Wong and blend seamlessly with Gervais style. Nice work guys.

Munch | Van Gogh

It’s the middle of the week, and I have spent the last 2 days looking for inspiration for a project I am working on. This afternoon while trolling Vimeo, I came across this short film for the Van Gogh Museum directed by Tom Geraedts. It’s a great concept and really fun to watch. Now I just wish I had the time and resources to go see the Munch exhibit in Amsterdam.

More Than The Score.

I never saw this promo air during the US Open. It might have played locally, but since I tend to mute, pause and skip, or record then blast past ads, I probably just missed it. Produced by BUCK for IBM and Ogilvy & Mather, the animated short features loads of data visualizations done up in an entertaining way, set to the beat of Andrew W.K’s “I Love New York City”. In typical fashion BUCK nails the animation and brand styling for IBM. It’s worth watching all the way through if for no other reason than the facts they present about the US Open and New York. Oh they get extra points for going with a square format for the finished piece.

Le Petit Chef is Here To Entertain You.

Over the last 4 years I’ve seen a ton of projection mapping stuff. The technology was white hot a few years back with everyone and their dog doing huge scale, big budget productions. The medium of choice was usually a huge building or stadium floor. That’s why I find this so refreshing. I came across “Le Petit Chef” tonight while doing some research for a freelance gig I am doing, and fell in love.

The brain child of Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck from Skullmapping, created the show to enhance the dining experience at a new restaurant. In the production, dining guests are greeted by a small chef that emerges from the table, and maneuvers on and around the physical table settings. The chef entertains the guests at the table by putting on a fun show creating their pixel dinner from scratch. At the end the chef has a small accident that cues the staff to bring plates of real food.

It’s a novel and whimsical idea, very fun and entertaining.  This is the kind of thing I could see making it to places in Vegas as well as Disney theme parks. It’s a perfect fit for the Rain Forest Cafe, and at the same time I could see this entertaining dining guests at up scale eateries as well.