Motorcycle Helmet

Ruby Helmets. A Vintage Look made from Modern Materials.

The last few weeks it seems that every time I do a design post on a Friday it has something to do with motorcycles. With that said why should today be any different. I am a firm believer that if you ride a motorcycle, or even a scooter that goes faster than 25 miles per hour you should wear a full face helmet. You don’t want your chin coming in contact with pavement if you can help it.

French company Ruby has released a new line of retro inspired open face helmets that look quite stylish, and at times a bit feminine. While I wouldn’t wear these helmets on a motorcycle (what I said above), I would consider using one of these as a track helmet for something like autocross, or a light track driving. I love the classic look, and the simple color/graphic combinations that don’t detract from the silhouette of the¬† helmet itself.

The helmets are made from carbon fiber and feature burgundy Nappa lambskin linings. For added rigidity each helmet has a distinctive backbone  that runs down the center line.

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