Gestalten has a new book out chronicling the history of the Chopper. Even if you aren’t into motorcycles, the book and the video below are worth taking a look at. The motorcycle, and in this case the chopper are an iconic part of American culture. The video below is an interview with Paul d’Orléans aka the Vintagent, author of the book and gives a really nice insight into the history of the bikes and the culture surrounding them. It’s a great set up for the book, and is definitely something I’ll be checking out in the near future.


Blood & Oil, from Cale Glendening.

The video below from Cale Glendening has such a great look to it. Drama, atmosphere, color grading that gives the film a solid feel, wonderful shots and editing, truly nice work. This is a testament to what you can do with digital cinema these days. 10 years ago this would have taken a full crew, and tons of gear to pull off. Glendening created this with a crew of less than ten, and the right amount of DSLR gear. The voice over is fantastic with the film being narrated by Jeffrey Buckner Ford to Chloé Mclennan’s evocative prose. This is the complete package, hat tip to Mr. Glendening for a job well done.

The Ride. Gestalten on New Custom Motorcycles and their Builders.

Gestalten has a new book “The Ride”, coming later this year. The book is about custom motorcycles and their builders, and to promote it they went to the Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz France.

At Wheels and Waves they were able to check out the showcase of the top builders and their custom bikes featured in the book. Yeah I know it’s a tough life for the folks at Gestalten.  Anyway, the video is the teaser for a full documentary they will be releasing later this month. All of this makes me want to plan a trip to Biarritz so I can participate in person.

DP Customs “Naked Cafe”.

Everything about the look of this bike says I’m Fast”, and I’m sure it is. That stripped down body, low slung frame, huge engine, and racing saddle, all say hang on for dear life. I love the look of this new motorcycle from DP. It has a retro feel, and yet it looks very contemporary with its angular gas tank, and frame assembly.

The bike was built from a classic ’80 Harley Ironhead, 1000cc, and has a look and color scheme that is an homage to  the 2011 winner of Le Mans:  the #2 Audi R18 TDI.

I need to win the lottery so I can afford to buy more toys. (I guess I’d have to play the lottery first)

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