Joy Ride, for the Nikon D800.

This short film was shot entirely on Nikon D800 DSLR rigs, and this is why shooting with DSLR’s is changing the face of the industry. This film has an absolutely stunning look to it. The second video is the making of and if you are into this kind of thing really cool to watch. Seeing how these shots were set up, the rig that was used, the way this thing was finished is so cool. Oh and do yourself a favor watch it wearing headphones. The sound design in this deserves an award.

Director: Sandro
Editor: Alaster Jordan / Whitehouse
Music: Yessian
Production: Cap Gun


The ArtRage Motor Sports Project Number 2

Yesterday I posted an introductory image of the famous Auto Union racing car. It was my kick off to a series of illustrations painted with ArtRage for the iPad. Yes I said painted. Those of you that feel painting is only done with physical mediums move on and look no further. This is painting 21st century style.

Today’s image is the “Bell Special”. I actually painted this before the Auto Union, and posted it to Facebook a few days ago. Since it was the first in the series, it gets the inaugural kick off.

The process is the same. Photo that is sketched, not traced. Sketch is scanned, and refined in Adobe illustrator. The Illustrator line art is transferred to Photoshop and saved as a PNG which is transferred to ArtRage on the iPad via DropBox. From here it is painted out with a series of color reference photos.