Mountain Biking

Mountain Riders Keep it Clean.

Keeping with my posts about bikes, and cycling over the last few days I thought I would share this print ad from Paris based Publicis Conceil. The piece is for Mountain Riders. The illustration is nice little infographic about pollution on mountain trails, rendered in a way that would appeal to any mountain biker. The silhouette of each category looks like a trail profile, but is actually a graph that shows pollution increases from 1935 forward. I love the color pallet, and the three dimensional quality of the chart. Clean yet very effective for a public service announcement.


The Best Mountain Bike Video Ever.

Last night my friend Tim sent me a link to this video. I could write a whole bunch of stuff here but the video speaks for itself. I will say that this is probably the best bike video I have ever seen. The cinematography, editing, and color work are phenomenal. The cameraman and crane operator should win a bunch of awards for this. Film and video folks take a look and be inspired.