70,000 Shots = 1, 365 Gigapixel Image.

OK this is just crazy. The video below shows the behind the scenes. The image below is a panorama compiled from 70,oo0 single shots.

Pano 2

Shooting for 15 days and taking 2 months to complete the 365 gigapixel image is described as the world’s highest definition panoramic photograph. The images were shot on a Canon 70D with a 400 mm lens and a 2x tele-converter.

The project is titled in2white and was led by Italian photographers Filippo Blengini and Alessandra Bacchilega, which took their team to an altitude of 11,482ft to make this happen. Working in freezing temperatures the managed to create an epic image of the Italian Alps and the surrounding landscape. In order to pull this off the programmed a Clauss precision pan-and-tilt head which was able to accurately position to create the seamless image below. For the full experience go to the website here.


Mountain Surfer.

While watching the news this morning I saw the local weather prediction for next week. They are saying that this time next week the low temp is going to be somewhere around 16 to 18 degrees, and while colder than average, I shouldn’t be surprised since winter starts in about 6 weeks. According all the meteorologists this is going to be a pretty hard winter for the midwest, and rather than hating it, I’ve decided to try to embrace it. So what is the best way to embrace old man winter when you’d rather be someplace warm and sunny? You combine something like surfing with snowboarding with the ultimate ride.


The new Mountain Surfer by Jones Snowboards is designedby renowned San Diego surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. Mountain Surfer is a hand shaped, all wood snowboard that forgoes traditional bindings for removable hooks that you can choose to use or not. The hooks allow the rider to push their boots into  which helps improve board control while keeping the board locked to  your feet. At the same time, if you are an advanced powder surfer you can go naked with no hooks and try and get that real wave riding feeling like you are really surfing the side of your favorite mountain. The Mountain Surfer also features a foam traction pad for extra grip, and a leash to keep your board tethered to you for that occasional wipe out.