If You Need To Advertise Toilet Paper…

When it comes to advertising toilet paper, there are usually two approaches. Humorous, or a performance demonstration showing how product A is stronger and more absorbent than product B. In an attempt to break that mold Ignyte from Munich Germany with VTC have created a beautiful 3D animation set to a cover of the Pixies “Where is my Mind” by Sunday Girl. The 60 second spot reveals white on white layers of folding paper that moves in time to the music with mesmerizing effect.


The only let down is the VO at the end which seems to kill the effect. I don’t speak German, and there was no subtitle option for the clip on YouTube. I don’t think that it is much of a stretch to assume that the VO is a marketing message for the product, and one that is needed to convey what the product is, although it is fairly evident in the last 7 seconds of the spot. Frankly, i think they could have run this without the VO and just the Level logo at the end with equal impact.

DTM makes its return. BMW Motorsport Advertising Done Right.

This week marks the countdown to the biggest auto race in the USA, The Indy 500. I’m not a huge Indy fan, nor am I a NASCAR guy. I tend to like auto racing that isn’t based on an oval track, where the cars turn more than just left. I know, all the NASCAR fans just groaned and said “He’s missing the point”. None the less I am sticking to guns and watching SCCA, Formula 1, Rally, etc.

Now with that said, to help kick off this big racing week here in America, I am posting a little bit about BMW racing. Come on now, There is a lot of German heritage in this country so humor me, and this is one hell of an advertising campaign to promote BMW Motorsport and celebrate BMW M’s 40th anniversary.

To introduce the BMW German Touring Car Masters team, BMW has launched a new print and video campaign built around “Welcome to the team. Come closer”. The campaign emphasizes the involvement with racing fans and offers an opportunity to experience BMW racing even more direct and unfiltered.

The campaign was implemented by Service Plan in Munich and has been distributed on an international level. Creative Director Matthias Harbeck, says the campaign is designed to make BMW racing feel closer, more personal, intense and a dynamic show. The campaign highlights the brand by bringing the excitement of racing to the fans and at the same time to differentiate BMW from their competitors.

The printed portion of the campaign uses beautiful photography that highlights the racing cars on the track. Dramatic lighting and camera angles help accent the intense feeling of being at the track watching the car and drivers preform. There is a minimal amount of copy which allows the images to sell the brand. A simple call out to the BMW Motor Sport website and the “Sheer Driving Pleasure” tag line are all that is needed.

The companion YouTube video has a really nice feel to it. The editing is spot on accentuating the fact that this is a team sport. There are some really nice slow motion shots of the car in action combined with re-timed footage that adds drama to the video.

In addition to the video embedded here, there are 10 short films at the BMW Motor Sport channel on YouTube, including the BMW Motorsport Showroom movie.

All of this is combined with posters, advertisements, autograph cards, branded ticketing agents, flyers and give-aways as well as the branded features from hospitality, to the paddock behind the racetracks. All of this is targeted to include special guests and the public.

In addition to the traditional advertising materials, BMW has developed required reading for all BMW fans with a 200 page magazine titled “110%”.The magazine is available at tracks where BMW is competing as well as BMW dealers.The magazine is a glossy book that deals with all things relating to BMW Motorsport, including  behind the scenes with BMW racing, driver and the team portraits, the track circuits and of course the new BMW M3 DTM. Through out the magazine there are QR codes which are tied directly to additional interactive content, and a BMW Motorsport micro sitewith even more video, images, and an on-board 3D video of the new M3 DTM in action on the track, as well as a complete pit stop action from eight different angles.

“Remind Me”, The First in a Series of Short Films for Vitra.

Leave it to furniture company Vitra to come up with a nice unique way to advertise their furniture lines. This is basically a commercial for their entire product line masquerading as a short film. Then again maybe it is a short film masquerading as a commercial. This doesn’t feel like a commercial. If you didn’t know who Vitra is, and what they do, you wouldn’t know that all of the furniture in the short is stuff that Vitra sells. This is a very subtle form of advertising and one that won’t appeal to everyone. To those of us that are furniture junkies, it’s a home run.

Directed and photographed by Florian Böhm

Set Design by Paolo Bonfini

Narration: Eckhart Nickel

Editing: Barbara Gies

Music: Benedikt Brachtel

Produced by Florian Böhm Office, Munich
Production Rome: Paolo Bonfini srl

A Czech Travel Agencies New Viral Campaign? It Should Be.

European tourism is recovering after the global financial crunch, and travel agencies are really feeling the crunch. In a brilliant marketing move a new travel agency launched what appears to be a new viral campaign developed by a newly formed Czech travel agency, “Toy Travel”.  The website that has already attracted more than 15,000 visitors in the last week, with limited marketing and promotion.

The travel agency is offering trips for your stuffed toys. For a fee of between 90 to 150 Euros, your most loved stuffed toy can be shown the sights of Prague by ‘Toy Traveling – Travel Agency for stuffed animals and cuddly toys’ and have his photo taken in front of its landmarks. The first destination on the list for clients is Prague. But Budapest, Bratislava, Munich, Berlin and other European cities are soon to join in.

The website is the brainchild of a 22-year-old decorator, Marek Hlavka who pitched the idea to a Shark Tank-style TV reality show in the Czech Republic last month.

Two of the Czech TV show judges each gave 5,500 Euro each to make the traveling plush a reality.

One of the judges, businessman Tomio Okamura, said, “As we start, we’re focusing on north American and Japanese markets, where there is a huge amount of people that own stuffed animals.”

The concept was inspired by the 2001 film “Amelie from Montmartre” in which the heroine has pictures of her father’s garden gnome posed in front of various world landmarks sent to him to convince him to fulfil his dream of touring the world.

I just keep thinking If they include hooks to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and incorporate geo-location services this could become a global phenomenon. Imagine if this campaign took a  picture of your Plush, and then pushed the photo with geo-location data to all of the above mentioned sites, which notify all of your social network contacts. Think of it as a visual version of 4 Square for your stuffed animals. Toy should consider turning this into a contest where the plush with the most travel stops and photos wins a trip to a European city for its owners.