Musical Instruments

The View From Inside. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Over at Behance there is a print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra featuring art direction and photography from Bjoern Ewers. The exquisite images are from the inside of the instruments used by the orchestra, and they are absolutely outstanding. Many of them feel like the interior of an orchestra hall, rendered with beautiful light and tonalities.

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Yuri Suzuki’s Project for Collacqueration

If you are going to design a new kind of musical instrument, this is the way to do it. This black lacquer box with gold inlay was designed by Yuri Suzuki in collaboration with Matt Rogers in the UK. The instrument was assembled in Japan and is on exhibit at the Japanese embassy in London.

Interface Logic Design by Matt Rogers and Yuri Suzuki
Music by Matt Rogers
Designed by Yuri Suzuki
In collaboration with Wajima lacquer craftsman, Takashi Wakamiya

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