“Huelux” Randy Halverson’s Film Lets You Know Spring is Just Around the Corner.

Yesterday at this time most of the central midwest was in the midst of an epic snowstorm. I know in the area of Kansas City I live in we got at least 10 inches of snow which is a reminder that winter isn’t over for at least six more weeks. If it’s anything like last year, I bet we have snow late into March. With that said, the video below is a reminder that Spring and Summer are just around the corner, and soon we will all be talking about how hot it is.

Randy Halverson shot Huelux from April-November 2013 in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah enduring many of the challenges you are faced with when shooting time-lapse footage, especially the weather. His goal was to capture the Milky way, and  Aurora Borealis, but cloud cover and storms hampered his attempts. What he did get was some amazing footage of night time thunderstorms as well as the the stars and magnetic fields at play. For more info on the film, and the gear used go to his Facebook page here, or click through to Vimeo to see the full write up on his process and equipment. The 4K version which I highly recommend watching is available here.

Our National Parks are Closed. Thankfully We Have Them on Film.

Since the United States totally screwed up government decided to act like a bunch of Jr. High Jackwagons shutting the government (and national parks) down, here is a series of beautiful time-lapse videos. If you can’t visit a national park, you can at least see some stunning video footage of them. These videos show the amazing American landscape void of any politicians or political influence. Just nature at it’s best.

Awesome in Every Sense of the Word. Paul Klaver’s Alaska.

When a film comes together, many times things are missed, or parts don’t add up to complete the whole. In the case of the short film “Alaska Nutrient Stream” everything adds up. The photography, sound editing, post production, film editing, all combined with the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and the power of nature. Major hat tip to film maker Paul Klaver and his short film.

Shot over a 3 week period on his Canon 5D and a GoPro, the results are pretty stunning. Klaver has a fantastic eye for framing shots and editing in a way that completes the story.

“Alchemy” is Wonderful.

It’s going to be a beautiful Friday here in the midwest. 70 degrees and sunny. It looks like Spring is finally here. A bit late, but here. The video below is a wonderful time-lapse short film by  about natures alchemy of the seasons.

The footage is really beautiful, and is complimented so well by the soundtrack, “A Better Place” by Justin R. Durban.  Watching this just made my morning. It is so worth the five minutes it takes to watch it all. There is something rather humbling about the film, and the power of the natural world around us.

The film was shot in 4K resolution on a Canon 5D MkII over the course of a year. A number of the shots use motion controlled dollies and cranes from Kessler which added the subtle camera movements that Lee was able to achieve.  The location list is below the video.

Locations of the shots include:

  • Alabama Hills
  • Alstrom’s Point
  • Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
  • Arches National Park
  • Colorado River
  • Convict Lake
  • Dead Horse Point
  • Grand Canyon North Rim
  • Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • June Lake
  • Mono Lake
  • Monument Valley
  • Mt. Tom
  • Toroweap / Tuweep
  • White Pocket

Arial Ballet.

The video below is a phenomenon that I have seen many many times. A large flock of starlings swarming together and flying in formation at dusk before roosting for the night. Thankfully Neels Castillon, and Mathias Touzeris captured it while preparing for a commercial shoot.

This is a nice way to start your work week.

Director: Neels CASTILLON
DOP: Mathias Touzeris
Music: Hand-made – Alt J
Location: Marseille, France

This is One Seriously Amazing Volcano Video.

OK, I normally don’t post these kinds of things, but this is pretty damn amazing so I am compelled to share.

After overcoming 35 days of bad weather Geoff Mackley, Bradley Ambrose, and Nathan Berg, became the first to get this close to the lava lake at Marum volcano on Ambrym Island. They were able to descend to about 30 meters (approximately 100feet)  from the lava lake using a respirator Fire and heat resistant suit. Even with this gear, the maximum time that any one of them could stand that close was around 6 seconds. The film was shot from the edge of the volcano rim where they were able remain for about 40 minutes.

Geoff you have more guts than I do, and you shot some really amazing footage. If you are interested in this guys work and he made this, it is available here. Oh  and he licenses this stuff for commercial use if you need solid stock footage of things like Volcanos.