Todd Sanders, Roadhouse Relics.

Neon is something I have always been fascinated by. When I think about the skill required to work with something so fragile, combined with something so industrial and mechanical, I am just blown away by what it takes to produce a neon sign. “Todd Sanders STORYLTD” is a 4 minute short film by Luxury Minds about the owner of Roadhouse Relics Todd Sanders in Austin Texas.

Sanders is a vintage neon sign artist with twenty years of experience to his credit Completely self-taught Sander’s is a true master of the craft. Each of his handcrafted pieces is produced without the use of any computer based design tools which helps preserve the unique American tradition of neon sign design, build even further.

Listening to him speak about his passion, the reward of what he does, and what he is trying to achieve is truly inspirational.


Friday Inspiration. Macro: a Neon Christmas

Here it is Friday, December 21, 2012. The first day of winter. The day the Mayan’s said the world would end. The day with the shortest amount of daylight all year long, and just four days until Christmas. Over the last few weeks on YouTube and Vimeo, there have been a number of holiday video posts. Some good, some bad, and some that are outstanding. The video below from Neon, falls into that last category. Watch it, and then click here to see how it was made. This is really an amazing blend of technique, vision, craft, and skill.