NFC chip

Diesel, QR Codes, and Facebook.

Fullsix has developed a new QR code mobile application for Diesel jeans. The application lets you “Like” a product on Facebook directly at the point of sale in the store. This shows huge potential beyond simply liking an item which is really just a form of advertising for the brand.

Where Diesel could really extend the reach of this app, would be if it were tied directly to an incentive to purchase the product. What if when you like the item in the store, you get an instant discount on that item. Think instant Groupon but via Facebook instead. An even bigger potential for this kind of campaign, would be the elimination of the QR code, and replacing it with an NFC chip (Near Field Communication). With NFC, there is no need to download and install an app, just touch your phone and proceed. It’s a much cleaner customer experience that is gaining ground on QR code readers.

Right now the application is being tested in Diesel stores in Spain, but Diesel is planning on rolling it out across Europe depending on test results.