Every 2016 Super Bowl 50 Commercial Right Here

SB50Well this Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, and frankly my give a rip factor is at about zero. It’s not that I’m anti football, it’s just that I really don’t care to watch the Bronco’s play in another one. This is what, number 9 since 1977. I would say I’m going to record it to watch the commercials but the reality is why? All the commercials are now leaked online before the game, so if you really want to see them you can. No need to tune in and sit through the Super Bowl in order to catch some “million dollar thirties”.

Which brings me to this question. Have Super Bowl commercials jumped the shark?

I would have to say yes, because there is no point in forking over that kind of money, for a spot that will air once, probably be missed, not heard, or forgotten, and will only be re-aired as a cut down fifteen second spot for even more cash. The Super Bowl has marquee factor, but if your thirty or sixty second spot is supposed to make an impact, sell a good or service, and be memorable I’m thinking it has less of a chance these days. Every Super Bowl party I have been to, people are yacking it up and having a good time. When the commercial break happens, it’s hard as hell to hear it, sometimes see it,  let alone remember what it was for.

So, if you are  like me and just don’t give a damn about the game this year, but do want to see what a few million buys you in TV advertising, all the commercials are right here. Oh, and a number of these are the full 60 second extended version of the ad.

I think I’m going to go see a movie Sunday night. I’m pretty sure I’ll have the theater all to myself.


NFL Timeline Evolution of the Game Microsite.

If you happened to be one of the millions that watched the Super Bowl last Sunday night you probably paid close attention to the commercials. If you were paying attention you might remember the NFL “Timeline Evolution of the Game” commercial that raises awareness about new rules and regulations that have come to be since the early 1900s.

That TV spot is the center piece to an integrated campaign that includes a microsite which features a timeline of equipment and rule changes through out the history of the sport. The timeline contains interactive objects, and highlights important players from that period.

Like the TV spot that this site supports, the end user scrolls through the history of the NFL from Lambeau Field to the LA Memorial Coliseum. One thing that I really like about this site is the way it could transfer into an even more expansive offering via a tablet based application like “Penant” for the iPad.


“Ahab” and the Great White Audi.

During tomorrow nights NFL division playoffs, Audi will be airing a new 30 second spot for the Audi A6. The full 60 second commercial titled “Ahab” is a spoof on Moby Dick featuring a crusty tow truck driver and the great white whale played by an all white A6 Quatro.

The writing on this is spot on, as well as the way it was shot and edited. It’s to bad Audi didn’t buy time for the full spot, because I think it would have been worth it. Football fans might not be able to see the full 60 second spot tomorrow night, but you can watch the whole thing right here.