Nifty MiniDrive

This is Nifty. The Nifty MiniDrive.

You know when the hard drive crashes on your computer, it gets you to thinking about back up solutions and archiving. This si the case for me this afternoon. My office iMac just went belly up, and a rather large important project went with it. There is a chance the files can be recovered, but I’m still cussing up a storm. Why? Because I broke a top five work rule of mine. I didn’t have this backed up. So as I sit here waiting for tech support to tell me if my files are DOA or not, I decided to use a lab computer to look for back up and archiving solutions.

Something I came across today on Kickstarter made me say “Hmmmm” this little drive is designed for the Macbook Air, but I could see using something like this with any modern computer system.

Nifty MiniDrive is an adapter used to house a mini SD card. Nifty inserts the card flush into the Mac’s card slot, adding extra storage space while blending in almost seamlessly.

The Nifty MiniDrive has a couple of bonuses. SD cards physically removable, heat, water and shock resistant and can be swapped out as your back ups reach capacity, or as you need to access other files. Since it’s launch on July 5th, Nifty has reached more than 1000% funding with almost a month to go on their Kickstarter ($384,319 of a $11,000 goal).