“What If” The New Nissan Juke Spot from UFO.

The spot below was produced by UFO for Nissan and TBWA / Else. Directed by Sebastien Cannone it features a nice blend of CGI and live action footage with copious amounts of special effects thrown in. If you watch this on a system with surround sound, turn up the volume. If not put on your headphones. The sound design is really, really good. There are so many things Iike about this spot. The fact that it is in an ultra-wide aspect ration, the blue color pallet, the entry shot where the Juke assembles from a series of particle systems, and so much more. This is a perfect example of you get what you pay for. Big money went into producing an ad that feels like a big budget film. What a great look for 30 seconds of automotive eye candy.


Zero. The Nissan Leaf.

With gas prices hovering around 4 bucks a gallon in the USA, and closer to 7 in Europe, Nissan could probably say nothing about the new all electric Leaf and it would sell.

Playing off of the number zero, Nissan’s latest TV spot plays into two factors the Leaf represents. Zero gasoline consumption, and zero emissions. (the latter is debatable when you consider how electricity is made) The spot is well shot and edited completely playing up  the Leaf’s place amongst today’s cars.

I’d love to know how many people they convince to trade in their gas guzzling planet killer SUV’s for one of these. Somehow I’m thinking that number will be pretty small here in the USA.

TBWA Barcelona, Nissan Park Assist Campaign.

This is a great little ambient campaign from TBWA, Barcelona for Nissan promoting their new park assist technology.

The campaign features non destructive stickers which were placed on rear view mirrors of parked cars through out the city. The stickers feature an image of a person helping you parallel park, something that almost every driver in the world has gone through at some point. Below the portion that is on the mirror itself, is a hang tag showing a Nissan car and the tag line “Park Without Assistance.” The hang tag points out additional features of the Nissan Micra, and has a link to the website for the car where additional information can be found.

This really is pretty fun, and the look on the guys face, plus those hand gestures is absolutely spot on.

The ESFlow Is a Whole Lotta Go.

Just in time for the Geneva Auto Show, Nissan has leaked new images of the ESFlow all-electric concept car. I love almost everything about the look of this car. The only part that bugs me are the headlights. I hope to hell if Nissan actually produces this car, they don’t dumb it down for mass consumption the way most car companies do when it comes to production models.

The Nissan Esflow concept is powered by two electric motors that are powered by laminated lithium-ion batteries. Each motor is designated to drive its own rear wheel, pushing the Esflow from 0 to 60mph in about 5 seconds and a range of 150 miles on one charge.

According to Nissan the concept is said to take its color inspiration from glaciers with its highly reflective solidified liquid with blue tints. The hood of the car is stretched to capacity for a longer and sleeker look while the steeply raked, wrap around windscreen adds a touch of finesse to the vehicle. Long sweeping lines, an aggressive stance, a bit of homage to its great grandfather, the Datsun 240Z. And those glimpses of the interior lines. Oh so sexy. I can’t wait for the official unveiling of this thing, cause I want to see more images.

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