Skateboard Time Collapse.

Heres a bend your noodle little video to start your week off right. This was shot on a Nokia Lumia 930 by Cy Kuckenbaker, and features skateboarder Cory Juneau. This is a total of takes that have been composited together to create a seven scene video. The timelapse footage features no CG work and is absolutely mesmerizing. This is all part of a promotional channel for Microsoft to show off the capabilities of the camera in the smartphone and frankly I think it’s a winner.

<p><a href=”″>Skateboarding Time Collapse: Shot with the Lumia 930</a> from <a href=””>Microsoft</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Paul Trillo’s “Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder”.

To promote the camera in the new Nokia-Microsoft Lumia phone, filmmaker Paul Trillo constructed a custom arc that held 50  Lumia 1020 phones. The phones were controlled by an app running on the new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet that was able to fire all the phones at the exact same time. this allowed Trillo’s team to then composite all of the images into a single film. The film showcases the New York street scene with a unique perspective that turns over repeatedly through the duration of the short. Below is is the finished film, plus the behind the scenes reel which gives additional insight into the process and vision behind “Living Moments”. Once again, the making of is in many ways more fascinating than the final film for me.


Wide Web World by Paul Wex.

OK this is one impressive use of technology, meets inventive video creativity.  captured what could best be described as virtual city scape fly overs using Nokia 3D Maps on the site He then edited the clips together in Final Cut Pro 7 and did his post work in the same tool.

All the shots are virtual. The movement is done by panning the virtual camera by hand over the various cityscapes. It’s a nice concept, and a nice piece of work. His edits are timed to the music, and while there are some hiccups in the video captures, it doesn’t impact the overall look of the finished work.

Size Does Matter: An Infographic.

Apparently size does matter. At least in terms of click through rates on mobile devices it does. According to new data that came out toward the end of 2011, there is a direct correlation between mobile advertising Click Through Rates and screen size.

When advertising is accessed on a tablet, the click through rate is almost triple of the same ad viewed on a smartphone screen. The biggest winner with all of this is the iPad. No surprise that it receives an almost 10% increase averaging 9.61% overall.

The infographic below shows a detailed view of click throughs based on screen size.

“Developers are facing many challenges when it comes to the monetisation of mobile apps, as the pay-per-download model is only really financially viable for major publishing houses. We noticed a very interesting correlation between screen size and CTR which shows the importance of supporting tablet devices that have larger screens such as the iPad, Blackberry Playbook or Samsung Galaxy Tablet if developers want to maximise their revenue earning opportunities.” Offer Yehudai, president of inneractive.

Here’s an infographic with more…

Nokia and Deadmau5 light up London with a 4D projection

When you are competing with 2 800 pound gorillas for market share what do you do? You pull out all the stops, and that is precisely what Nokia did to launch their new Widnows mobile phone the Nokia Lumia 800.

A few days ago, Nokia brought Deadmau5 to London to live dj an event that converted the Millbank tower in London into the worlds largest projection surface.

The 400 foot high tower had every one of its 800 windows covered in vinyl to function as the screen surface for 16 HD projectors located more than 600 feet away. (I can’t even begin to imagine the lumens they had to crank to get these images onto the building surface.) 3D images and video were projected onto the structure from the other side of the Thames to create this gigantic video work.

Billed as the “future of live events” the event was accompanied by music from super producer deadmau5, who created exclusive remixes for the performance — adding the “4th dimension”.

The cost on this must have been huge, but when you have gone from being the world’s number one cell phone maker to number 3 in just a few short years, you pull out all the stops.

The Worlds Largest Stop Motion Video

To promote the quality of the cameras in Nokia phones, Weiden and Kennedy have produced what is being claimed as the worlds largest stop motion video. Partnering with Aardman Animations the “Gulp” video made a new Guinness World Record.

Filmed entirely with the Nokia N8 camera, the video aims to show off the quality of the Carl Zeiss optics and its 12-megapixel photography capabilities. Three phones were placed 120 feet above ground using cherry pickers, in South Wales. The height was needed to create a 16 by 9 canvas that measured 137 feet by 78 feet in size. Filmed over the course of one day, the result is… the worlds largest stop motion video.

Along with the video, I have included the making of as well.

Splitscreen, A Love Story from Nokia.

This video was shot entirely on the new Nokia N8, and was the winner of the Nokia Shorts competition. It’s no wonder. The concept is wonderful and the direction and editing are really, really nice. Having a professional crew helps, but having a great idea is the real winner here.

Director: JW Griffiths
Producer: Kurban Kassam
Director of Photography: Christopher Moon
Editor: Marianne Kuopanportti
Sound Design: Mauricio d’Orey
Music composed by: Lennert Busch