Noma Bar

Mucinex Reminds You to Wear a Mask

In a time of a global pandemic there are a few rules everyone should follow, but a large portion of us don’t thanks to misleading information or a false sense of privilege masquerading as an infringement on our liberty. I for one am all about the mask. It’s not about my freedom, it’s about making sure I don’t spread Covid 19 to others if I am asymptomatic and positive. This sentiment is one that is being taken seriously by companies in the health care sector, and one that Mucinex is promoting with a series of ads illustrated by Israeli illistrator Noma Bar.

McCann Health New York has created a series of ads for the upcoming cold and flu season that tap into the current reality of the Covid 19 pandemic using negative space in the illustrations to drive home the seriousness of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of germs. Each poster sets up a situation of normality with the tag line “Back to normal is up to you”. The clever use of Noma Bar’s illustrations accents the “normal” by placing an emphasis on the activity we all miss with a clever visual play on the activity. Simple daily activities like sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, or getting a haircut. Kudos to the McCann team that put this together and for letting Noma Bar run with the illustrations and concepts. This is really great stuff.


Clever Illusions in Negative Space. Tanya Holbrook + Nom Bar

Last year I posted an article about a series of advertisements for IBM’s “Conversations for a Smarter Planet” campaign. I really liked the retro styling and the draw from some iconic 1960’s design influences.

Today, I came across a series of posters for IBM that were done by graphic designer Tanya Holbrook, in conjunction with illustrator Noma Bar. The posters were produced via Ogilvy & Mather Paris for IBM earlier this year, and feature some very playful imagery and use of negative space to convey two visual messages in each poster.

The posters carry forward the retro styling that IBM has used for the last year in their marketing materials, with bold flat colors and minimalist graphical illustrations. This is a really nice trend that IBM is following.