Free Fallin’ with NVIDIA’s Shield.

The purpose of advertising is to get you to do something. Buy it, click on it, engage with it, remember it etc. The video below form NVIDIA got me to do a couple of those things. I’m going to remember the brand, I clicked through to find out more about the product, and the ad kept me engaged all the way to the end when I got the pay off. With that said I have to admit I was confused for most of this spot. Intrigued, but confused. I saw product placement throughout, but I actually thought this was for a new Xbox. Why? because this was sent to me, and I took it out of context from the NVIDIA YouTube Channel.

For a company that has built it’s brand on building video cards for gaming computers, and CGI workstations I am now left wondering how much of this is real, and how much is CGI. I know the cat didn’t actually go with him. I know it looks like the real deal, except I kept wondering how they kept the platform level for so much of the free fall. It doesn’t matter I guess. I clicked through to the NVIDIA Shield site to check things out and find out more about the product, which by the way, doesn’t offer anything so unique that I would switch from using my Apple TV and Airplay to sling content from my iPad and Macbook to the TV screen.

It’s still a fun add and website though. And for the record, the more I watch this, the more I think it’s real footage.



Wherever Life Takes You.

Productexplanation videos for the most part can be pretty dull to watch, especially if it is something you are not really into. For that reason you better make it interesting to look at and have a well written script for the voice over.  working with a very talented team at Nord Nord have produced a product explanation video for Nvidia explaining their new product, the Grid VCA . Isometric perspective, a bright yet subtly muted color pallet, and fluid animation all combine with a nice script that manages to hold your attention for 2 minutes as they explain what the GPU is, does, and how it works. Seiler has done a wonderful job of  simplifying all the main features into an easily consumable format.