ScreenFeed Your iOS Device.

ScreenFeeder is a new iOS app developed by nxtbgthng,that like Flipboard aggregates various Social Media services into a single app.Screen Feeder gives you live updates in real time from services like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr, and Dribble, from your contact list. It takes the best features of applications like Flipboard, and Path and combines them into an elegant solution that works across all your iOS devices.

What Screen Feeder does that other similar services don’t do, is help control the information overload by providing only one event per screen at a time.The feed is automatic with screen loads happening as they occur in sequence while the app is up and running on your iPhone,iPad, or Apple TV. Yes Apple TV, and this is where I think this application has real opportunities.

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The design of the application is really well thought out. Using background images and color schemes from your social feeds helps you visually associate who the posts are from. There is an ability to track or mute hashtags as they appear by tapping on the link in the post, which could make the application ideal for conferences which can get overloaded with the latest trending tag. ScreenFeeder has a simple clean UI, that works. The feed is automatic, or you can flick through events to isolate a single feed. Double tapping will take you straight to the latest event.

“Everything here is optimised for being consumed very quickly. You just glance over to your iPhone or your iPad where you can see this content. You can read it in three seconds and then go back to your work; you don’t have to scroll through a long list. It’s very practical during meetings, conferences or whatever, or just breaking that cycle of having to check these different apps all the time; the ones where, when you’re done checking, you start from the beginning again.”

– Gernot Poetsch, Entwickler