Office Furniture

Flatmate by Magazin

I’m always on the lookout for space-saving well designed furniture that would look good in my house. For the most part AV furniture and computer/office furniture blows. Most of it is ugly, bulky, lacks decent cable management, and looks cheap.

Flatmate on the other hand meets all of my requirements. It is compact minimal, provides cable storage, provides a work surface when opened, and has secondary storage in the side of the unit. Conceived by Michael Hilgers for Magazin, Flatmate is only 5 inches deep when closed. When the top is opened it has a 28 by 16 inch work surface. Flatmate also features glare-free lighting and power socket that are powered by a hidden 6 foot cable that is wrapped in anthracite fabric.The side storage is 8 inches tall by 17 inches deep which is perfect for laptop accessories.

the cost is listed as 990.00 Euro or about $1350.00 US

The Boundary Desk, by Felix de Pass.

I am looking for an office desk. I have been for sometime, and I haven’t pulled the trigger because I haven’t found anything that really does it for me. The Boundary desk by Felix de Pass might just do the trick though.

This multi-functional desk is designed for both home and office use. The desk is constructed from a single piece of extruded aluminum that dovetails into a single fitting that connects all of the pieces for easy assembly. In addition the extruded frame hides all cables and power cords from your shiny gadgets from view which is a definite plus. The desk also offers optional drawers and privacy screens allowing the unit to be adjusted for different users, and office settings.

More over, the desk just looks cool. Especially with the color drawers and filing systems attached.