Ogilvy & Mather Paris

Worst Breath in the World, “Tic Tac” France.

It seems anymore that part of creating a viral video means a big budget over the top production. While this video might seem lo-fi, think about the video work that went into it. The number of actors required, the production of all the video that shows up on the large screen in the square (about half way through), and everything else. This is not your typical “viral video” from YouTube’s early years. This is a fairly big budget production from Ogilvy & Mather Paris.

None the less it has managed to grab 150,000 unique page views in the last week.


Clever Illusions in Negative Space. Tanya Holbrook + Nom Bar

Last year I posted an article about a series of advertisements for IBM’s “Conversations for a Smarter Planet” campaign. I really liked the retro styling and the draw from some iconic 1960’s design influences.

Today, I came across a series of posters for IBM that were done by graphic designer Tanya Holbrook, in conjunction with illustrator Noma Bar. The posters were produced via Ogilvy & Mather Paris for IBM earlier this year, and feature some very playful imagery and use of negative space to convey two visual messages in each poster.

The posters carry forward the retro styling that IBM has used for the last year in their marketing materials, with bold flat colors and minimalist graphical illustrations. This is a really nice trend that IBM is following.