Old Spice

Meet Mr. Wolfdog, Executive Director of Marketing for Old Spice.

When it comes to integrated marketing that leverages social media to it’s best you can’t do better than Old Spice.

The latest campaign to introduce the new line of wild scents is being handled by Mr. WolfDog, who is the new executive director of marketing. Along with a YouTube channel, he has a Twitter feed, a Tumblr page, a Facebook account, a hangout on Google+ (where internet users could apply to work as the WolfDog assistant #workforwolfdog) and an animated gif file.


Everyone of these spaces is branded with integrated elements that reach across the entire campaign and all of it’s touch points. In the first two days, the YouTube video alone has reached more than 250,000 people.


Behind the Scenes. How They Make “Old Spice”.

I love Wieden and Kennedy’s spots for Old Spice. They never fail to entertain, they’re funny, and well written, and Isaiah Mustafa is a perfect fit for the Old Spice character. Now, as much as we would love to think that these shots involve a ton of CGI, compositing, and post work, they are all pretty much shot in one single shot with some insane cinematography going on. Watch the video below to see how the latest spot was created. This is just crazy amazing.