Olympus EP1

Laser Lights For a 3D World.

A few years ago there was this new video technology called “Flock of Birds”. Basically the way it worked was, you set up a group of cameras in a circle, connected all of them to a computer or series of computers, and allowed the computer system to trigger the camera shutters in sequence or at the same time. The result was an image sequence that made the subject look not only frozen in time, but rotating in 3D space. The effect was quite hot but way to expensive and prone to software glitches so it never gained a huge amount of popularity.

Using a similar technique, London based designer Moritz Waldemeyer created the laser light effects for pop star Ellie Goulding‘s music video “Lights”.

Using 50 Olympus EP1 cameras on a time slice rig we were able to capture Ellie within a world of 3D light design. Working with a combination of laser drumsticks, a dance table and computer programmed LED wands Waldemeyer was able to create the shot. I love that she used the EP1. I love that camera.

The Ona Union Street Camera Bag. Sturdy, Rugged, Good Looks.

For Christmas I received a wonderful new camera bag from Ona. I had posted about this earlier, and talked about how excited I was that someone actually made a bag that didn’t look like a typical camera bag. Well, after owning the Ona Union Street Bag for 72 hours, I have just one thing to say.


This is what I am talking about. Not only does the bag look absolutely stunning in person, it is well designed, thought out, and made of superb materials. The Union Street Bag that I got is “Ranger Tan” Waxwear canvas that is rugged and weathered looking with an antique look that is stylish as all hell. The leather straps, and metal hardware are sturdy, and well made. The interior features two padded compartments. One which is large enough to hold a 15 inch laptop, or an iPad which is what I have in mine, and then a larger compartment for your camera gear. The large compartment features standard felt covered foam dividers that can be repositioned to hold your precious cameras and lenses in place and allow for easy retrieval, when needed.

This case is perfect for a day trip, vacation, or any travel that doesn’t require extensive amounts of gear.  I have my Olympus Ep1, 2 additional lenses, flash, spare battery, Pansonic Lumix, and spare batteries all tucked into the main compartment with my iPad secured right behind them. In the zip pocket on the front of the bag, I was able to get the iPhone in, extra HDSC cards, my camera connection kit, a note pad, and a couple of pens. In other words there is plenty of room for basic shooting needs. Although the gear I have loaded is smaller, the interior of this bag is spacious enough for a full-sized DSLR, lenses and attachments.

The bag is light weight and feels great on your shoulder. My only wish is that the strap was about 10 inches longer in total. When it is fully extended, it is still just a bit to short for my 6 foot 4 inch frame.

Using this bag will be the ultimate test, but for now I am really satisfied with the look and feel of it, and I think it has tons of potential. Over the next few months I’ll be using it on a daily basis, and when I have more feedback, I’ll post another review/update.