Online Dating

“Singles Finder”

I haven’t been single for a while, so the idea of looking for single women in a bar is sort of out of my current skill set. This doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to those of you still searching for companionship in a sea of disco’s, clubs, bars, and pubs.

Ogilvy Argentina has created a “Singles Finder” application for the iPhone. The application was created for the largest online dating portal in South America. The application was built around the tag line “Love is out there. If we get organized, there’s plenty for all”. The free application works by simply pointing your iPhones camera at the location, it then gives the number of single men and women that have checked in to that place so you can make a decision about going in or not, to find your perfect date.

On a side note, if you are single and looking to hook up with someone, the video lists the three hottest cities for singles in the world. Personally, I never would have guesses Belgrade Serbia as number 1.

I Want You Because You Use a Mac.

At first I thought that this was a joke, that someone was spoofing the Apple brand and all the single fanboys and girls in the world. Then after some digging around, I found out that this is quite legitimate. I have to say I am completely fascinated by this. You take the brand obsessed fan base, design an exclusive dating experience for them, built around a shared brand experience, and sit back and watch.

Cupidtino, is a unique destination created exclusively for the Apple faithful to meet up, tweet up, fall in love and geek out about the awesomeness of all things Steve Jobs, and Apple.

The website is run by three San Francisco mac heads who firmly believe that every fanboy and fangirl has a soul mate looking to find the perfect match in Mac heaven. Cupidtino went live last month with quite a bit of press fanfare gathering mentions from all over the tech journalism world. Everyone from the Wall Street Journal to Saturday Night Live chimed in with commentary and in many cases jokes about the service. What they miss though, is the underlying brilliance that is here. Cupidtino taps into that level of fanatical brand loyalty that borders on religious zeal.

This kind of brand loyalty is not exclusive to Apple. I could see this exact same type of site being developed for brands like Nike, Whole Foods, Mini, Ikea, Sony, etc.  It is the fact that they are playing off of not only brand loyalty, but the shared common experience that makes Cupidtino a genius move on the part of its founders. In the first month of operation Cupidtino already has over 22,000 members and the number continues to rise. The real power here, comes from the opportunity that Cupidtino has to pair up like-minded individuals and then market special packages to you to your dating partner.

You can sign up for free, contact anyone for free, and you pay only for the messages sent to you that you read. The average monthly cost breaks down to about $4.79. Laugh all you want, but I can see this becoming a huge success and being copied by other brand giants world-wide.